First Mass Timber Overbuild Differentiates in D.C.

Think Wood released a full profile of the timber overbuild project at 80 M Street and how it provides a valuable differentiator for the property. Interviews from multiple key contributors to the project highlight the collaborative nature of the teams involved and how special the project is to them.

Mass Timber Office Project Marks a First for DC

ABC-WJLA was onsite in March for the delivery of the large CLT timber beams that will form the new glass and timber expansion space at 80 M Street. The ABC affiliate interviewed several key contributors to the project, including Jesse Stephens, project manager for Columbia.

The Timber Revolution: A Guide

Civil & Structural Engineer: It’s no secret that buildings are a major contributor to carbon dioxide emissions, but the design community have taken measures to reduce the industry’s impact on climate change. Enter: the resurgence of wood construction.

A DC first: Capitol Riverfront building to get a timber top

WTOP News: Heavy timber hasn’t been used as a major new office building construction material in D.C. for a century, but a shiny glass and brick office building at Capitol Riverfront will get two additional stories constructed of environmentally-friendly mass timber.