Mass Timber Project Adds 3 Floors to Commercial Building

Back in 2019, when Columbia Property Trust was mulling how to increase the height of its existing 90-ft, seven-story, concrete-framed office building at 80 M St. SE in Washington, D.C., it chose a mass timber frame over a steel frame for an addition atop the oldest high-rise in the Navy Yard neighborhood. That was a ground-breaking choice. It would mean that the facility would  be D.C.’s first mass timber commercial office building.

Sawmill to Site | Walking Around A Space Made From Trees

Mass timber is capable of achieving a total carbon footprint equal to one-third of similarly sized concrete and steel buildings. Plus, research suggests timber-built architecture can boost a person’s morale, productivity and sense of wellness. Meet Jesse Stephens, Senior Director of Project Management at Columbia Property Trust. Jesse is a leader on the first mass timber vertical expansion in Washington D.C., 80M Street.

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Columbia Property Trust Turns to Mass Timber for Sustainable Development

When Columbia Property Trust Inc. wanted to expand an office building in the Navy Yard submarket in Washington, D.C., the REIT was keen to generate excitement for the property and demonstrate its commitment to sustainability. The company turned to one of the world’s oldest building materials—wood—to achieve both.

DC Project Raises Timber to New Heights

Globally, the number of new mass timber buildings will double every two years, reaching 24,000 by 2034, according to the 2020 North American Mass Timber report issued by the Forest Business Network. Should this turn out to be true, by 2034, the North American building industry will also store more carbon than it emits.

CXP Tops Out 80 M Street Expansion in D.C.

Columbia Property Trust has announced the topping off of 80 M Street’s three-floor mass timber vertical expansion. The project will add 105,000 square feet boutique-style space atop Columbia’s existing Capitol Riverfront office building. Once completed in 2022, it will become D.C.’s first commercial offices to rely primarily on mass timber and glass.

Columbia’s timber expansion drawing eyeballs in DC

Once completed in 2022, it will become D.C.’s first commercial offices to rely primarily on mass timber and glass, as well as the first overbuild in the nation to utilize mass timber as its main design element.